Why the Goose?

Our mascot is a tiny funny goose. Many people ask: “why a goose”?

We want the geese well, and we like the energy and the meanings contained in their symbology. We are attentive to all animals, we ask for your attention when you buy products of animal origin, because you can work and make beautiful and healthy products without hurting animals.

The goose in ancient times was very revered, a sun symbol, associated with life, creation and rebirth. The goose represents female fertility, motherhood and domestic life, the desire to “take flight” and at the same time take care of children. In Egyptian mythology, the goose was worshiped as a sacred bird, which had participated in the creation of all things. The goose made the cosmic egg from which the sun god Ra was born; that created the Universe. The goose represented the soul of the pharaoh; when a new sovereign ascended the throne, the masters of ceremonies freed four geese, to introduce the event into this world. In Greek mythology, the goose, symbolic expression of vitality, fertility and strength, is associated with the myths of Apollo, Aphrodite and Hermes. Eros, the God of love, rided a flying goose, and Priapus was constantly accompanied by the sacred geese. In ancient Rome, the goose was sacred to the goddess Juno; for this reason the geese lived free on the Capitol, where stood the temple dedicated to the goddess. The roaring of the geese signaled to the Romans the impending attack of the Gauls; thanks to the alarm launched by the geese the Romans saved themselves and repulsed the siege; from this fact the geese were considered the saviors of Rome, becoming a symbol of vigilance, attention and protection.

In Catholic culture it evoked compassion, because the goose never abandons its similar wounded. His image on the clothes of your children recalls the protection and attention, contains the hope for the fertility of life and the wish for a growth and a radiant evolution, the wish, again, to “take off”.

For all these reasons we love Anito Goose, our mascot.