What do we put on our children’s skin? The fabrics we wear are part of a healthy life.

Do you know that an ever-increasing percentage of pathologies detected in hospitals is caused by ​skin sensitivity to toxic products used in various stages of clothing manufacture?
The fact refers to the entire population, and is all the more important when it comes to little ones’ clothing. From the first months after birth, the skin must be cared for and protected from toxic substances, which can not only trigger serious allergies from an early age, but can also predispose children to later sensitivities and allergies.
Today it is essential for everyone to have the needed information to be aware in our decision-making.
Armed with knowledge, we can make choices that take into account all the aspects involved, and not only the immediate and obvious: the price or the brand.
Your children’s health, their genuine wellbeing today and especially in the future, is an essential element in making that choice.

In this regard FILOBIO, always sensitive to the issue of clothing’s healthiness, constantly seeks new solutions to create clothing safe for children’s skin, expanding its range of fabrics to give mothers a rich and pleasing range to choose from. All the materials which FILBIO tests and manufactures have one thing in common: they are designed starting from the assumption that they must be natural products, of vegetable origin such as cotton or of animal origin such as wool, alpaca or cashmere.
Lack of awareness often leads to errors in choice. You must think about what is behind the price, understanding that certain prices are only possible if production decisions inadequately ensure the absence of harmful products.
It’s key for people to use their critical thinking skills, taking into account factors beyond economic ones.
So let’s collect the information needed to make a serene decision…