The new retro collection at PITTI BIMBO 79

NEW for Spring & Summer 2015

Filobio will present a preview of its new spring & summer 2015 collection at Pitti Bimbo 79: a collection featuring, along with its classic cottons, exclusive new Italian fabrics.

The creative team firmly keeps its focus on 100% natural materials, but along with organic cotton we’re adding a very special collaboration with up-and-coming artists and designers in the world of baby fashion.  Limited-edition clothing series with fine finishes made of the highest quality natural materials, with contemporary design and a retro sensibility.

 collage image_20140627160322

The fruits of this constant research and attention to detail are 6 new lines, all part of the Filobio world.


 Organic cotton fabrics with houndstooth prints in coral and in vintage grey, a cheerful and elegant feel with a hint of vintage style.

The light and fresh fabrics are crafted into girls’ sundresses, shirts and circular skirts and boys’ shorts and shirts with pockets.

To plunge into the retro spirit, our mascot Anito’s grandparents come on the scene and like an old photo album, the Filobio stylists play with a series of “Filoselfies” with aged Polaroid print effects, sharing Anito and Anita with vintage accessories.

This line is complemented by the Tricot collection: classic knitwear pieces with Italian yarns, together making for irresistible outfits.



A prestigious and refined line for little ones, created with organic cotton threads woven into Cocò jacquard.

This collection, designed to pamper new arrivals, comes in three delicate shades: a refined shell rose (as featured in our gift collection), an organic blue perfect for little boys as well as little girls, and of course in an undyed natural tone, to meet the needs of the most delicate of babies.

Also in the line is the kimono, much appreciated by fashion moms, bloggers and the media.

  filobio+ ifbags


Filobio continues to draw inspiration from the past, presenting an all-cotton line created with certified Italian yarn.

Knitwear has always been the best material to protect and care for newborns, so each piece has been thoughtfully designed to complete the perfect newborn layette.

Grandmas will love the must-have “Memory e Gaia” blanket, aunts will enjoy dressing the newborn in our “Tony” overall, and mothers, heeding their obstetricians’ advice, can protect their little one with the “Nemo” hat.

Gifts from the heart, in perfect eco chic style for the littlest ones, guaranteed of certified Italian materials.  The color palette is perfect for warm seasons, ranging from neutrals like cream white and turtledove to more distinctive coral, pearl grey and blue.


 tony maglieria sm

Filobio + ANG un bebè

Filobio has begun a new collaboration with Agnese Fazolo, the fashion designer behind “ANG un bebè”.

ANG’s creative concept is based on a simple and effective philosophy: Agnese herself sees her work as “frosting cupcakes, adding a sweet, coloured piece to something that already exists.”  Doing this, she freely juxtaposes colors, without feeling constrained by rules.  The resulting combinations are spontaneous and emotional.  Once she has chosen the colors, Agnese chooses the materials, their weights and textures.

The meeting between ANG un bebè and Filobio had let to the creation of a refined, ultra chic line using exquisite Italian hemp cloth and white eyelet lace.  Dresses, blouses and sheets: everything needed for a romantic layette with clean, simple lines.


Filobio + Patipò

 We continue our collaboration with Eleonora Rispoli, the Italian designer behind “Scarabocchi di Patipò”.

Eleonora creates her clothing in artisanal workshops in areas with a history of textile production, creating high-quality pieces with natural fibers, all with a unique, contemporary style.

For spring & summer 2015 Filobio and e Patipò have creative a wonderful collection with checked fabrics in blue tones, created ad hoc for Filobio in a historic loom in Poirino.

Our series of checked outfits will seduce boys and girls: dresses, onesies, shorts and shirts – you’re truly spoiled for choice!

Look for a new green theme in this series: a bicycle drawn by a child and hand-painted on T-shirts and onesies.


Filobio Gift

The sweet, always appreciated line dedicated to newborn gifts, adds another gem to its collection for spring & summer 2015 with a new color combination: milk-white and blue.  Inside a dear eco-friendly box, a unique gift or treat yourself: accessories and first outfits with the exclusive textured print of the Filobio goose, also available in natural tones, pink, blue, and now for 2015 milk-white with “bioblue”!

The cotton is all-organic production, the colours are zero-impact for the environment and free from heavy metals.