Our Objective: Health above all

The mission we share and follow here at Filobio prioritizes skin health, and through it children’s health.


The Project: making healthy beautiful

Our work, which we undertake with joy and intensity, is to create clothing for children aged 0 to 4: clothing first and foremost healthy and wholesome, but also beautiful, comfortable and unmistakably Italian in design and taste.

As we work, we always seek to unite health with beauty, simplicity with elegance, and comfort with refinement. This union is, for us, the expression of our “beauty and health” project: healthy is beautiful.

It all begins with the original idea to start with 100% organic cotton, for the preservation and good of the environment and for little ones’ health.  This basic idea, pursued from the outset by using a fair-trade model for full respect for people, has naturally evolved towards the search for and the use of other new natural fibers such as hemp and merino and cashmere wools, expanding the range of our design offerings.

With these selected fibers we create our exclusive fabrics, always made using dyeing and finishing techniques both sustainable and safe for the skin.

All of the accessories we use to finish our designs, such as buttons, appliqués, labels and embroidery, are completely toxin free (created following policies eliminating every environmental pollutant and toxic substance) and beautifully Italian in style.

Our end product is valuable, beautiful and with precious intrinsic qualities.

Le rocche dei filati in lavorazione

Certification: We like transparency.

We voluntarily subject our processes and our fabrics to a third-party independent verification, useful above all for ourselves, to guarantee the result we want.

We are the first company producing newborn and children’s clothing up to age four (but we have plans in our back pockets for mothers and fathers) to earn the Textile and Health Association’s certification.  Filobio fabrics are audited not only by analyzing and monitoring each phase of production, but are also subjected in the laboratory to leaching tests to verify the true health and non-toxicity of the fabrics used.  We are happy that all of our employees and all companies that work with us are on our wavelength.  We see the world increasingly attentive to caring for beauty and health.

We like taking care of this planet which our children will inherit, as much as we like taking care of their health today; we ensure that everything happens through beauty.