Filobio supply chain

first we control directly and personally our supply chain. we prefer Italian fabrics and italian yarns, because they gives us the security that meet the criteria of safety and wholesomeness of the product (respect of REACH Rules) and that they’re made in the respect of human rights of the worker.

We like the quality of fabrics made in Italy that is undeniably and intrinsically very high. This allows us to have a higher quality in the manufacture our products. We produce in Italy, directly or with help of little local craft industries.

Additionally, for a more effective control of our supply chain, and to give our customers a product as well as beautiful definitely healthy and reliable material qualities,we subscribe to the project Textiles Health “Associazione Tessile Salute” developed in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Health, to counter the rampant spread of toxic products for the skin. the Association provides its own, independently to perform controls intended on all the steps of our production process. This gives us an even more certainty of the actual quality and safety of fabrics used by us.