Linen for summer baby wear

Also for the new spring summer 2018 collection we chose the linen, an ancient natural fiber that perfectly combines beauty and sustainability.


The linen, flanked by our organic cotton, allows us to offer varied and valuable proposals. The characteristics of this fiber are really interesting, let’s see them together:

Environmental aspects of linen:

  • Linen production has a low ecological footprint.
  • The cultivation is simple and natural: The flax can be grown in very different areas, from northern Europe to the warm areas of the planet. It adapts well to different types of terrain, even poor ones. It does not require a strong fertilization or irrigation (it is supported by rainwater like the herbs in fields). At the same time the shrub is naturally resistant and does not require the use of pesticides.
  • It requires low energy consumption: the energy used for the production of the fiber is much lower than the percentage required for the production of synthetic fibers.
  • Linen fibers are machined with mechanical methods, which do not require the introduction of polluting chemical agents into the system.
  • The fiber is obviously totally biodegradable at the end of its cycle of use.

Functional aspects of linen:

it is a naturally healthy fabric for the skin of the baby because:

  • the fabric regulates heat exchange, thanks to a high degree of water absorption and humidity combined with a high degree of breathability and ventilation. A natural excellent thermal regulator for the skin.
  • It is hypoallergenic and guarantees excellent tolerance even for the most sensitive skin.
  • Facilitates relaxation and rest thanks to its ability to keep the body at a constant temperature.
  • It has one of the highest indices of comfort compared to other kinds of fabrics, in particular synthetic fabrics.
  • It has natural germicidal properties; as happens with wool, its fibers have the ability to inhibit the development of microbial flora.
  • Linen fabrics neutralize odors, thanks to the aforementioned antimicrobial properties

Wear resistant, natural beauty

  • it’s robust and durable, easy to care for and are not subject to natural degradation.
  • Articles in linen with time and washing after washing are becoming softer and more candid.

Finally on the aesthetic level, linen is a fabric of great beauty, bright and capable of making great emphasis on colors and color effects. The crumpling is one of its characteristics that should not be combated, but rather supported.