The NEWBORN KIT a completely sterilized product for newborn

bimbo KitThe NEWBORN KIT is a completely sterilized product and it does not need pre-washing.  The sterilization process guaranties complete bacterial removal, and therefore absolutely safe use.

Each item of clothing is made of 100% organic hypoallergenic cotton, guaranteeing every baby protection and softness from the first days of life. Every kit has hygienic packaging.

The kit is made up of five different sets with specific products for newborn care.

Is possible personalise the BIRTH KIT choosing from:

–      1st set: two bibs and a larger bib covering the shoulders;

–      2nd set: two kimono-style onesies;

–      3rd set: onesie and hat;

–      4th set: blanket 75 x 75 cm (29.5 x 29.5 in);

–      5th set: littlest set containing a kimono-style onesie, a regular onesie and a hat, designed specifically for preemies, low birth weight babies and multiple births.

All products have natural white tones. 


Look for the Filobio BIRTH KIT in pharmacies, pediatric and obstetrical clinics and in specialized stores.