Filobio Story

Filobio is an organic brand born at the beginning of 2000

as a trademark to realize biological cotton clothing for Yoga. The founder member Anna and her partner are expert Yoga teacher, both careful and sensitive to

ethical concepts, fair trade not forgetting physical and spiritual well-being. Therefore, they look for an alternative way taking account of the environmental impact that the cotton intensive cultivation involves. In such a way it is born the idea of making a healthy skin clothing in respect of the planet and of the future natural resources. This concept is spread on the world of the newborn, as natural evolution.
Little clothes for the tender skin of healthy and safe babies, made with special materials that preserve the future in which today’s children will live.
In 2009 Anna meets Paola, the current CEO of the company. The meeting is the result of a series of magical coincidences. Paola comes from a long experience in clothing, the children’s one in particular. Immediately after her graduation, she starts working in one of the most important clothing company in Italy and here she gets in touch with the world of textiles from the producer’s point of view.

After this experience, Paola flings herself in a new adventure,

developing the parents’ shop of children’s clothes. Located in the little town of Alba, renowned capital of local gastronomy, the business becomes one of the most considerable of the sector in Italy: its showcases are often published on the field magazines and the high quality of products and services makes the customers loyal. But Paola perceives that something is missing in the producers’ offer for this kind of clothing.Young moms begin to demonstrate a new sensibility, they are caring of healthiness of tissues and of ethics of those who create the products.All begins in 2009 in a particular moment as Paola says: – “Despite the business went well, I was full of doubts! There were hesitation concerning the job I did in the big family’s shop, about the future of the world of babies’ clothing and connected with what I really wanted to do. In a special day, while I was thinking deeply about this troubles, I saw on a field magazine an article about the trademark Filobio with Anna’s photo. I let myself be guided by intuition that strongly urges me to meet Anna.
The same day, as we found out later amazed and admired for the magic of the universe, Anna discovered she was pregnant. The joy of the event joined the concern for the company that she created and conducted. Anna felt the need and the wish of having an outside help, she imagined how beautiful could be finding out a business partner. So my phone call made our questions met”. Paola’s phone call is a door opening for the two. They decide to meet with incredible joy and happiness.

The society is born. Filobio gets new strength and energy. In January 2010 Anna’s daughter, Anita, borns. In order to celebrate the event, Filobio gives the goose symbol of its trademark the name “Anito”, in honor of the new born. The name is successful, the new Filobio’s mascot earns immediately a widespread sympathy between customers and media. Thus, it is realized as funny puppet that goes like hot cakes in a few days. Filobio’s mission goes on, the objective is to develop the little company, to create an ethical brand towards people, nature, and Earth but not leaving behind the taste and the quality of Italian tradition. During this itinerary, Anna prefers to devote herself to her daughter and she comes back to her ancient passion, Yoga teaching. She decides to entrust Paola the adventure Filobio. Also in this occasion, Paola lets herself be guided by intuition and she recognizes as strategical the entry of new partners in the company in order to give economic impulse and experience in the sector.
Roberto enters in the business venture: he is master yarn producer in Biella, the capital of high quality yarn in Italy. Roberto understands the dynamism and the potentialities of the young company and he really loves the name of the enterprise: “Filobio” has several meanings in Italian and it implies deep contents. First of all, Filobio means biological spun (filo = yarn; bio = organic).

Filobio is also the result of “filo” (from Greek “philo” = to love) and bio = biological as love and propensity to biological world and products.

Filobio is the choice for a new vision, more ethical and aware “to do company”. So Roberto’s experience joins Paola’s dynamic innovation and the enterprise undertakes research and development activities mixing the traditional clothes production in biological cotton with new products for newborns and children till they are 6.
With the passage of collection, the range of Filobio’s products spreads out with new suggestion, but all the manufactures are always 100% natural. We remember the tissue made with cotton over the skin and wool and silk blend outside, the 100% merinos wool spun, 100% cashmere, the sweatshirts in biological cotton, the precious Vichy tissue made by an ancient textile laboratory in Piedmont with selected yarn and exclusive design by Filobio.
With the passing of time, first in Italy and today with new important development abroad, the product earns more personality and it is always more recognized and valued, thanks to the devotion and the care of Filobio’s team.
However, the company remains a little and lively reality, because its objective it is not the great and massive distribution, but a capillary diffusion of high quality. Filobio selects its commercial partners in order to assure high level and quality of retailers through who it sets out to the public.
Filobio is the first company in the newborn clothing sector which receives the certification of the Association no profit “Tessile Salute”, title that confirms the leader role of the enterprise in the research of beauty and healthiness which distinguish its philosophy.