Fall Winter ’19 new Collection

The Filobio collection for Autumn-Winter 2019 features important innovations that complement the brand in terms of its typical and authentic style.

The Filobio style is characterised by an elegant and minimal aesthetic, featuring a simple stylistic essentialism that complements the high quality of the raw materials used. High-end Italian yarns and fabrics that are always natural, organic cottons, mixed wool and cotton blends, and pure Merino wool are the materials that lie at the heart of the stylistic concepts created by the Filobio team.

Within this stylistic context, Filobio has created the first part of its new collection: it is dedicated to birth and to the most important moments in life, whether solemn or celebratory, such as a traditional christening, baby’s first birthday party, and the baby shower, which celebrates a coming birth and during which friends and family gather around the mum-to-be, showering her with gifts and kindness.

Filobio has always been esteemed as a perfect starting point for gift ideas; because of this, we have designed a collection that is dedicated especially to these times. Allow us to introduce the birth–christening theme, featuring organic fabrics in delicate colours, with a prevalence of white and undyed natural yarns.

A star of this theme is the new feature of mesh fabric in a pure Caldo cotton, used to create beautiful and high-quality rompers and sets, which can be paired with miniature jackets, details, and a delicate pyjama babygrow in the new “teddy bear” fabric, made from certified pure organic cotton, which gives a plush-effect without using any synthetic fibres.

Continuing with the theme of celebrating special moments, let’s not forget baby’s first birthday party, which represents a departure point, the start of a great adventure, and at a time to wish the birthday boy or girl all the best for their future. Filobio has designed various options, for both little boys and little girls. We have high-quality Italian fabrics for this theme, too: tartan in pure cotton flannel, soft and warm combined flannels, Italian fleeces, and jerseys in Caldo cotton, paired – as always – with artisan knitwear in pure Merino wool.

In addition, for little ones, the Party theme is completed by non-toxic prints featuring the symbol of parties: the balloon.

The collection continues with a further three themes:

The first focuses on and is inspired by the colours of nature, especially those of the forest: this is our “Tea in the Forest” theme. Here, greens and the colours of wood triumph. The cornerstone of this theme is a fleece in the colour of green tea, paired with velvets, flannels and the new warm fleece in a wool and cotton blend.

The second, which is orientated towards girls, is the “Flowers and Sweets” theme, focusing on flowers and pinks, both pale and bright in intensity, creating an expression of playful and feminine elegance. A new innovation is the pairing of the all-over vintage floral print, which is delicate and feminine, with a tartan print that features brighter and more vivid colours, just for little girls.

The third theme, designed for little boys, is “Blue Winter”, focusing on blues and greys, presented in elegant pairings and in more urban colours. All of these themes feature the use of high-quality Italian fabrics, exceptionally warm padded fleece in pure cotton, mixed wool fleece, and Italian flannels, which have already experienced great success in Filobio’s winter collection.

Finally, another offering for this season is our new Mini Mesolution, a concept that is becoming increasingly common in children’s fashions, featuring garments that are created for both mums and daughters. Our collection offers a poncho cape for mum and daughter and a mum-daughter jumper, both featuring high-quality fine knits and in certified pure Merino wool, from Filobio’s artisan knitwear department.