Filobio Merino wool

Filobio is born with organic cotton; used in its infinite potentials, cotton gives always naturally breathable fabrics for the skin of children, always soft and delicate. However, over the years we have supported the desire to create children’s clothing in … Continued

Magic Wood Collection

Filobio lets its imagination run wild with the natural magic of the woods. You will be enchanted by the beauty and quality of Italian craftsmanship, translated into a unique and personal design. The selected colours, fabrics and yarns strongly evoque … Continued

Magic Wood collection

Continua la magia Filobio per i bimbi, dopo la simpatica magia “matematica” dell’estiva collezione Magic Number, ora arriva la magia “naturale” del Bosco. I colori, i tessuti ed i filati selezionati richiamano a gran voce la bellezza del bosco, con … Continued

Wishes Collection

Wishes are prayers we send up to heaven, that’s why the tiny drops are directed upwards, just like our wishes. Blue Wishes and Pink Wishes are the colours mums and dads dream about when expecting their new arrival. They are also colours that … Continued

News SS Filobio’s Baby boy and Baby Girl collections

Sorbetti Collection #Anito’s Friends Our sorbet coloured collection in 100% organic cotton features Anito’s new “friends”, created in 2005 by artist Ronnie, who also designed the goose Anito, Filobio’s logo.  Filobio friends had been waiting for years to appear one … Continued

The NEWBORN KIT a completely sterilized product for newborn

The NEWBORN KIT is a completely sterilized product and it does not need pre-washing.  The sterilization process guaranties complete bacterial removal, and therefore absolutely safe use. Each item of clothing is made of 100% organic hypoallergenic cotton, guaranteeing every baby protection … Continued