Why the Goose?

Our mascot is a tiny funny goose. Many people ask: “why a goose”? We want the geese well, and we like the energy and the meanings contained in their symbology. We are attentive to all animals, we ask for your … Continued

Filobio Gong Bath event at Pitti Bimbo 86

  Filobio will be at next Pitti Bimbo to present the new fall winter 18/19 collection. We are pleased to inform you that Johanna Maggy will be with us at Pitti Bimbo for the Filobio Gong Bath event. Thursday from … Continued

New Filobio collection Yoga styles

For baby and for adults, a return to origin, when Filobio was a little company created from Yoga teacher. Now Filobio propose new Yoga wear. Styles are minimal, made with same natural fabrics we use for babies, organic cotton, bamboo, … Continued

Wishes Collection

Wishes are prayers we send up to heaven, that’s why the tiny drops are directed upwards, just like our wishes. Blue Wishes and Pink Wishes are the colours mums and dads dream about when expecting their new arrival. They are also colours that … Continued

Filobio a Playtime Tokyo

Many thanks to everyone for visiting us at Playtime Paris, Now it’s time for Playtime Tokyo. We hope many of you will come to know and to discover our products in organic fabrics made ​​in Italy. Visit us at stand C 08   … Continued

News SS Filobio’s Baby boy and Baby Girl collections

Sorbetti Collection #Anito’s Friends Our sorbet coloured collection in 100% organic cotton features Anito’s new “friends”, created in 2005 by artist Ronnie, who also designed the goose Anito, Filobio’s logo.  Filobio friends had been waiting for years to appear one … Continued

The new retro collection at PITTI BIMBO 79

NEW for Spring & Summer 2015 Filobio will present a preview of its new spring & summer 2015 collection at Pitti Bimbo 79: a collection featuring, along with its classic cottons, exclusive new Italian fabrics. The creative team firmly keeps … Continued

The NEWBORN KIT a completely sterilized product for newborn

The NEWBORN KIT is a completely sterilized product and it does not need pre-washing.  The sterilization process guaranties complete bacterial removal, and therefore absolutely safe use. Each item of clothing is made of 100% organic hypoallergenic cotton, guaranteeing every baby protection … Continued