Better Cotton Initiative for fabrics we use

we have always take care environmental sustainability. Cotton, as it is known, although intrinsic qualities ideal for protecting the skin of children, has a global problematic aspect, linked to the industrialized productions and the production processes involved, managed by multinationals with criteria that do not correspond to the protection of nature or of people. involved.

However, there is a growing sensitivity to this topic, we are increasingly aware that we need to change the way we work, in order not to generate long-term harmful effects for the planet and the human communities involved. Thus the BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE program was born, an innovative production proposal, based on a conscious and intelligent vision, which combines all the parties and interests involved.

Filobio has chosen for the new collections, alongside the traditionally used organic cotton, also new fabrics from producers who adhere to this new healthy supply chain, for the good of all, especially our children, who will live in a world whose future qualities they will depend on our choices today. Check our product made in Italy with Italian fabrics BCI