Filobio cotton Tencel new styles

It is part of our corporate mission to seek continuous improvement, especially in terms of tissue quality, This is expressed above all in the technical qualities of the fabric for the benefit of children’s skin health, as well as environmental quality, which implies the sustainability of the fabric from a production point of view, so as to guarantee our children a better world and to preserve Nature, for the sake of their future.Tencel cotton is a fabric that brings together the best qualities of both yarnsThe new fabric is soft, very delicate and smooth to the touch like cotton, at the same time it contains the properties of Tencel, or Lyocel, a natural fiber obtained from the leaves of Eucalyptus, with minimally invasive processing methods, which do not require the use of highly polluting substances and which occurs in a closed cycle, reducing polluting emissions to a minimum Here then the qualities of the fabric, summarized here in brief: two qualitative plans can be identified, both important and complementary to each other: 

qualitative plan of healthiness and pleasantness for the skin

the natural antiseptic properties of the Eucalyptus is preserved in the Tencel fibe so that prevent the formation of bacteria;

with consequent we have limitation of odors;

the fiber got skin thermoregulation properties: it absorbs and immediately releases excess body moisture; thus gives a natural self-regulation of skin temperature

qualitative plan of sustainability for the environment 

the lyocel production involves a highly eco-sustainable process. The production method is a closed cycle; 99% of the processing material is purified and reused many times;

the cycle has a low environmental impact and benefits from excellent water and energy savings;

the few residual waste is decomposed in biological purification plants as they do not contain aggressive chemical reagents as for other types of products