Filobio Warm cotton for warm winter

We usually use the term Warm Cotton to illustrate to our customers the quality of the fabric used to make our products for babies and children, but we take for granted that everyone knows what it is


In fact, talking about Warm cotton for some may seem a contradiction, by associating the cotton to the fresh clothing of the summer season. Indeed cotton fiber is versatile in its uses. Its natural resistance allows us to work it in the most varied ways, thus creating also fabrics with a “warm hand”, suitable to give softness and warmth and to isolate the skin from the winter cold. The Warm cotton is produced by specific machines that produce a more compact weaving of the interlock cotton thread. The piece of fabric passes to the subsequent processing called “garzatura (raising)”, which takes place in a sanding of the yarn that is passed under the abrasive cylinders. A “rough grinding” of the internal side of the fabric is thus created; that makes numerous micro-cameras that naturally capture small air bubbles. These bubles produce the insulating effect of warm cotton. Briefly, the microcameras constitute a diffused heat pad on the whole fabric that retains the natural warmth of the skin.

Warm cotton is very soft to the touch, delicate on the skin, with excellent breathability, hypoallergenic like all organic cotton. It also has the qualities of resistance typical of cotton, is not subject to felting and shrinkage like other yarns of equal thermal characteristics and is therefore easy to maintain, even accepting higher washing temperatures.